Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ergonomic Keyboard

EK 301

Product Description:-

Ergonomic keyboard should be able to fit with your best and comfortable position. The more flexible and adjustable th keyboard is the more comfortable your wrists will be.
This Ergonomic Keyboard are design to prevent the posture of our body that can be afflicted by the way our typing in the wrong position for many hours. Back pains, muscles damages, neck pains, and upper and lower back pain have been attributed to the wrong position for a long time.

Typing for Healthy

Code: EK 301
Price: $ 50.00
Warranty: 6 Month
Discount for member: 20%

For more information please contact:-
Izzati Syazwani Binti Ahmad Tal'at
12, Chaileng Park Road,
Georgetown, Penang.
Tel:- 019-34568967

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