Thursday, January 20, 2011

""Thermal Water Bottle""

Product description:-

This thermal water bottle is design and manufacture by using Stainless Steel Imported (s/s 304 stainless steel), single wall, double wall available, different kind of lids available. The shaped of water bottle body done by extrusion process, seamless body, polished surface,various colors for body. The capacity provided are 350,500,600,750,1000,1200ml available.

Thermal water bottle is used to keep the water in warm condition. Warm water is good for our health.

Design for healthy drinking.....

Code: TWB 100

Price: $80.00

Warranty: 6 month

For more information please contact:-
Izzati Syazwani Binti Ahmad Tal'at
12, Chaileng Park Road,
Georgetown, Penang.
Tel:- 019-34568967

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